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. Can partyhelp organise parties for any occasion?
A. Yes. Partyhelp have such a large range of Melbourne party venues that there are party venues suitable for any occasion. There are 21st birthday party venues, 30th birthday party venues, engagement party venues, even wedding reception venues and corporate party venues.

Q. What size parties can Partyhelp organise?
A. Partyhelp have function rooms in Melbourne that can suit any size party from 20 people to 1800 people.

Q. I am not sure whether I should have a DJ or not at my party, what do you suggest?
A. Our experience is that all the best parties have great music and the best way to provide great party music is with a DJ so if you can afford one – we would recommend it – but most of our function rooms have places for you to plug in an iPod / iPhone – so you can still have great music!